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By: Borden | April 05, 2017

It is too easy to start an online business by offering products and services through internet. Abundance of e-commerce services are available that reduce the efforts of legs to execute operations by launching an online service to allow everyone sell and purchase at any time.

Dubai Ecommerce Solutions  

In this regard, to find out the right vendor for a business is another story. That’s why, to narrow down the abundance of choices for investors, these 5 things must be observed for having an e-commerce website and shopping cart from a provider. 

Domain Name And Hosting:

Memorable domain name and a reliable hosting are the foundations for e-commerce website. To make it sure that an online store must always be up and running, the selected e-commerce solution must have powerful servers with generous bandwidth and 99% uptime.

Domain Name And Hosting  

Dubai ecommerce solutions offer easy and fast setup with domain name for international online store management. In this regard, users must be able to purchase it either directly from the company or through external registrars. 

Customization In Templates:

The key success for an online store is to have a professional-looking and attractive interface of website. Everyone does not have the ability of coding or to hire a website developer. Instead the e-commerce website must have beautiful themes collection.

Customization In Templates  

Customizing beautifully designed templates and themes easily reflect the brand. However, the customization of such websites must be easy and fast using drag-and-drop platforms that can let the users rearrange products listings and other elements with a few clicks.

Tools For Shopping-Cart:

Shopping cart websites are the core of online businesses. The website administrator must be able to maintain the entire customer’s profiles, track orders and manage inventory. Customers also appreciate the on-time alerts for sold-out items and inventory counts.

Tools For Shopping-Cart  

Other features that an online shopping cart website must possess include: automatic tax calculation, implementing discounts, coupon codes, and ability to change variables easily like colours, size and customization options.

Tools For Conversion:

Customers must be convinced to make their purchase using the online shopping carts. They must be attracted in the right direction and conversion tools like wish lists, product comparisons, histories, recommendations and reviews must be there for closing the sale.

Tools For Conversion  

Other e-commerce services must be present in the solution such as emails reminders and single-page checkouts for streamlining the purchase. These services minimize the shopping cart abandonment and remind users if they leave the shopping cart before checkout.

System For Payment:

Online stores and shopping is currently on the peak around the world. Different countries have their own important features for them. In this regard, the payment system for Dubai ecommerce solutions is worth consideration around the globe.

System For Payment  

The Final Touch:

There are different payment methods available for customers to prefer a method of their choice that directly increase sales. The payment method supporting by the online shopping cart like mobile payment, credit cards and PayPal must be made clear with the vendor.

Asking from the vendor about the credit card’s payment gateways is also helpful. It will either rely on a third-party vendor or in-house credit card processor. Both the customer and owner’s information handling mechanism and integration with bank accounts must be made clear.


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